Internet Entrepreneur & Programmer Joe Stump Interview 09/19/09 (Part 1 of 2)

In deconstructing the fulfillment inputs going into Internet entrepreneur, programmer, and website architect Joe Stump, interviewer Erik Michielsen begins by reviewing universally applicable basics, identifying passion, cultivating passion, and finding fulfillment, and look back to his childhood environment - community and parents - as well as foundation education and early job choices, to understand his motivations today.
Today Joe Stump is a co-founder of SimpleGeo, an augmented reality application platform company that seeks to make location-based services application development more seamless and powerful. Before partnering with Matt Galligan at SimpleGeo, Joe was the lead architect at Digg, one of the Internet's websites, responsible for designing a scalable and community friendly destination site millions visit daily. Before all this, however, came parents, a Michigan childhood, Eastern Michigan University, early jobs, and their associated influences. Please enjoy and leave comments - Capture Your Flag exists for you and would not exist without you.