Alayne Cotterill

Alayne Cotterill is a wildlife biologist based in the African Savanna. She is currently Research Director at Ewaso Lions, working with Kenyan lions and other large carnivores to produce co-existence between people and wildlife. In February 2014, Cotterill earned a PhD at Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford University, focusing her research on adaptations in the behavioral ecology in response to the risk of human-caused mortality.

Before her transition into wildlife biology and conservation research, Cotterill was a expert guide with National Geographic Expeditions.  Cotterill earned a Masters of Science (MSC) in Tropical Resource Ecology from the University of Zimbabwe, where her career focus expanded beyond human wildlife conflict to include large carnivore behavior and ecology as well as endangered species conservation and wildlife economics. Cotterill earned a B.Sc from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.