Why to Work in an Advertising Agency - Caroline Giegerich

In Chapter 1 of 10 of her 2010 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, marketing innovator and digital strategist Caroline Giegerich shares why she enjoys working in an advertising agency environment. Over the past year, Giegerich left a digital marketing position at HBO for an agency. She enjoys getting to work across multiple major brands - including Lucas Arts, Kia, Dr. Pepper / Snapple, and Liongate - and their different challenges. The transition into a client services environmment required Giegerich to learn the various groups within the agency and how teams collaborate. Giegerich is currently Director of Innovations at Initiative, where she brainstorms and executes cross-platform marketing strategies. She has worked in online marketing roles at both HBO and the Los Angeles Times. She holds a BA in Pre-Med Sciences and Philosophy from Brown University.