Brett Goldman on How Low Interest Rates Affect Investing Goals

In Chapter 9 of 18 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, real estate developer Brett Goldman answers "How are Current Economic Conditions Shaping Your Real Estate Investment Goals?" Goldman shares how his investment philosophy through the recession and recovery has been long-term focused.  He notes while he has invested in some distressed properties, he still is very cautious about investing in markets where money is cheap and financing rates are low. Investing for the long-term requires you assess how an investment might look if rates rise and how that would affect buyers and sellers. Looking at the market today, Goldman finds distressed real estate where the best opportunities exist.

Brett Goldman is a Real Estate Acquisitions Director at Triangle Equities in New York City.  He holds a BA in General Studies from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Real Estate Development from the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.