Why Mobile Phones Accelerate U.S. Reurbanization - Dan Street

In Chapter 1 of 20 of his 2010 Capture Your Flag interview , hyperlocal entrepreneur Dan Street reveals his excitement for present day opportunity to evolve how communities interact. Street traces community development post World War II, from factional American communities to suburban sprawl to cable development and the Internet. In short, he traces how American culture has become increasingly isolationist. Until now. Street cites Austin, New York, Houston and Los Angeles as examples where individuals are engaging more in the community. This includes farmers markets, arts events, volunteer events, and Meetups. The missing connection is how mobile phones can connect these pieces, which is why Street formed his hyperlocal Internet company, Loku (previously Borrowed Sugar).
Street is the founder and CEO of Loku which develops Internet software to strengthen local communities.  Previously, Street worked in private equity at Kohlberg, Kravis, and Roberts (KKR) and management consulting at Bain & Co.  He earned a BA in music and business from Rice University.