What Motivates an Author to Write - Nina Godiwalla

In Chapter 1 of 14, "Suits: A Woman on Wall Street" author Nina Godiwalla shares why she writes. Daily interactions with inspiring individuals motivates Godiwalla to reflect, learn, and embrace the creative medium. Godiwalla embraces shared experiences and the associated inspiration Godiwalla and, it is hoped, her readers encounter.


Erik Michielsen: Why do you write?

Nina Godiwall: I want to constantly be growing as a person and for writing I think it’s an opportunity to actually stop and reflect on what goes on because I think we can just live our life and never reflect and never learn from it and for me writing is that opportunity to stop and think and learn.

What I hope and I do this, this is what I like to do through writing, is I’m constantly interacting with people, I definitely have a world that I create where I am with people that I find inspiring and I hope to inspire other people, through writing I think of it as sharing an experience and letting people create that experience, take in that experience and create for themselves what they need to and for me that is my way of sharing and kind of reciprocating. And with writing I think it’s interesting because you have that opportunity not just to see the people that you meet in person in your life but you have that opportunity to affect people that you may never know, you may never see them.