Garren Katz on What Gets Easier and What Gets Harder

In Chapter 1 of 15 in his 2012 Capture Your Flag interview, business and personal coach Garren Katz answers "What is Getting Easier and What is Getting Harder in Your Life?"  Katz finds himself stressing less and getting more comfortable with the decisions he makes.  As far as what is getting harder, Katz notes a growing challenge in his life is taking on more responsibilities that come with his desire to live better and more fully. 

Garren Katz is a business and personal coach based in State College, PA and advises his national client base on small business management, entrepreneurship, relationships, and personal finances.  He is also an active angel investor in several business ventures.  He earned his BA from Western Michigan University. 


Erik Michielsen: What is getting easier and what is getting harder in your life?

Garren Katz: I would say life, actually, is getting easier. Trusting myself, trusting that whatever decision I choose is going to work out and it’s going to work out well. Not stressing as much about the little things that really don’t matter. The older I get the more clear, the more in focus priorities become. That’s getting easier. What’s getting harder is as I take on more in life, strengthening that inner accountability to be able to execute, you know, playing a bigger game, living a bigger life. I wouldn’t say that’s dauntingly harder, but it is more challenging. It’s a great challenge but that’s getting harder.