Tricia Regan on Setting Career Goals Making Films for a Living

In Chapter 15 of 15 in her 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, filmmaker Tricia Regan answers "What Goes are you Setting as You Look to What Comes Next in Your Film Career?" To continue making films for a living, Regan realizes she needs to set new career goals around taking better care of herself financially, politically, and personally. She notes the emotional toll making her film "Autism: The Musical" took on her and what she learned about the experience. Regan feels taking initiative across these areas will make her less vulnerable when pursuing new creative work to make films. Tricia Regan is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker known for writing, directing and producing documentary films, including the Emmy-winning "Autism: The Musical". She also has worked extensively in non-fiction television for A&E, ABC, FOX, Lifetime, MTV Networks and NBC. Regan earned a bachelors from Binghamton University and masters from New York University.