The Power of Positivity in Dating and Matchmaking - Hattie Elliot

In Chapter 7 of 16 in her 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, The Grace List founder and entrepreneur Hattie Elliot answers "How Do You Bring Out the Best in People?"  She finds it has everything to do in affirming and encouraging positive behavior and nothing to do with pointing out flaws and imperfections.  She applies this in her matchmaking pursuits helping others find love, friendship, and professional success.  Elliot is the founder and CEO of The Grace List, which is redefining the dating world by creating opportunities for singles to revitalize personal interests and find intriguing people who will influence their lives.  Before founding The Grace List, Elliot worked as a social entrepreneur and business development consultant.  Elliott graduated from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where she studied economics, philosophy, and politics.