Learning to Make Life Decisions That Are Right for You - Ross Floate

In Chapter 15 of 20 in his 2012 interview, branding and design strategist Ross Floate answers "How Are You Learning to Make Better Decisions?"  Floate begins by looking back at the poor decisions he has made, ones that have not been the right fit and ones that were not true to himsef.  These experiences bring to light how Floate ignored that proverbial voice in his head.  He learns to trust his gut and think through how the person on the other side of the decision would feel.  Lastly, he talks about leaving a legacy behind that shows he was a good person who chose to make the right decisions, not necessarily the easy decisions.  Ross Floate is a principal at Melbourne, Australia-based Floate Design Partners.  Experienced in branding, design and both online and offline publishing, Floate and his team provide marketing services to clients seeking to better communicate business and culture goals via image, messaging, and story. He is a graduate of RMIT University.