Kyung B. Yoon on Improving Job Skills to Be a Better Non-Profit Leader

In Chapter 14 of 17 in her 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, non-profit executive Kyung B. Yoon answers "What Skills Are You Working on Right Now to Become Better at Your Job?"  First, Yoon makes it a point to learn how to be a better community funder and how to better invest the funds she raises in the community.  Second, she continues to look at ways to raise funds beyond special events.  Third, as she works with Korean immigrants regularly, Yoon also focuses on improving her reading and writing to better connect with the Korean speaking immigrants she serves. 

Kyung B. Yoon is the executive director of the Korean American Community Foundation (KACF) in New York City.  An award-winning journalist and documentary film producer, Yoon earned an MA in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University and a BA in History and Political Science at Wellesley College.