Cathy Erway on How to Communicate More Effectively Online

In Chapter 7 of 17 in her 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, writer and healthy food advocate Cathy Erway answers "How Are You Learning to Communicate More Effectively?"  Erway finds it comes down to the quality of your communication and making sure that your message is the best it can be.  She finds setting personal standards an important way to evaluate what you have said and how well you said it.  She finds she is hard on herself when evaluating how she communicates and also finds it helpful to do more with less when sharing or writing. 

Cathy Erway is a Brooklyn-based author, part-time cook, freelance writer, radio host and teacher focused on healthy food advocacy.  Her first book, "The Art of Eating In" developed from her blog "Not Eating Out in New York".  She earned a BA in creative writing from Emerson College.