How to Be Outgoing and Meet New People - Shaheen Wirk

In Chapter 5 of 17 in his 2012 Capture Your Flag interview, hedge fund analyst Shaheen Wirk answers "Where is Your Comfort Zone and What Do You Do to Break Free of Living in It?"  Wirk notes how his comfort zone is being outgoing and opening up to people quickly.  He notes the importance of being self aware of his actions and making sure he doesn't get too comfortable too quickly if others' openness is not reciprocal.  In uncomfortable situations, Wirk uses his outgoing nature to his advantage, initiating conversations or, in the case of not knowing something, pursuing answers.  Wirk highlights how this only goes so far and when instances arise where you do not know something or are in over your head it is okay to accept it.  Shaheen Wirk is a senior hedge fund analyst for Bridger Capital focused on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device investment research and analysis.  Wirk earned his BS in Biology and Joint MD / MBA degrees from Duke University.  He co-founded the Dream Hope Believe Foundation / Brant Walton Memorial Fund to provide grants to children and young people who have lost parents to cancer.