Cathy Erway on How Personal Priorities Change With Age

In Chapter 11 of 17 in her 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, writer and healthy food advocate Cathy Erway answers "How Are Your Personal Priorities Changing As You Get Older?"  Now in her early 30s, Erway finds herself thinking more about a long-term relationship and starting a family.  Moreover, she shifts her professional focus from independently-focused work to community-minded work.  This includes creating a greenmarket fresh food delivery service to give local people access to fresh food and teaching low-cost group cooking classes.  

Cathy Erway is a Brooklyn-based author, part-time cook, freelance writer, radio host and teacher focused on healthy food advocacy.  Her first book, "The Art of Eating In" developed from her blog "Not Eating Out in New York".  She earned a BA in creative writing from Emerson College.