How Passion Improves Storytelling Prowess - Marc Ferrentino

In Chapter 13 of 16 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview, cloud computing technology executive Marc Ferrentino answers "How Have You Learned to Be a Better Storyteller?"  Ferrentino questions whether storytelling is a learned or innate skill.  He notes how having passion for your story and believing what you are saying helps get points across and energize others.  With this passion as a base, he notes how then dramatic tools can be layered in to increase effectiveness.  Ferrentino is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of cloud computing at BMC Software.  Previously, he was Chief Technology Architect (CTA) at  Previous to, Ferrentino worked in mobile and Internet startups and at Goldman Sachs.  He earned a BSEE in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan.