Joe Stump on How General Manager Role Challenges New Entrepreneur

In Chapter 16 of 16 of his 2009 Capture Your Flag interview, entrepreneur and SimpleGEO co-founder confronts new challenges present in starting a business. Managing and motivating staff as a general manager promises to be a big initial challenge for Stump as he builds headcount and assembles a product team.


Erik Michielsen:  Where is your entrepreneurial transition challenging you most?

Joe Stump:  I would say management is challenging me most. At Digg, I was not a direct manager; it was more like captain of the football team.  I’ve always been more in those type of positions and much more comfortable in those type of positions.  Now, I have to plan, do sprint planning, I have to implement that, follow up on that, there is paperwork minutae that is involved with that.  Then, figuring out how to motivate people.  There is a lot of stuff that goes into being a good manager and I don’t think I’m a great manager right now.   So I think that is what is challenging me the most.