Cathy Erway on Finding Purpose Writing Healthy Food Recipes

In Chapter 9 of 16 in her 2012 interview, author and food writer Cathy Erway answers "How Do You Create Hope and Dispel Fear When Introducing New Recipes and Foods to Others?"  Erway embraces the challenge of showing foods and ingredients in new recipes.  She finds the visual and written elements of her food blog help her more effectively communicate that message to her audience. 

Cathy Erway is an author and food writer living in Brooklyn.  Her first book, "The Art of Eating In" developed from her blog "Not Eating Out in New York".  She earned a BA in creative writing from Emerson College.


Erik Michielsen:  How do you create hope and dispel fear when introducing new recipes and foods to others?

Cathy Erway:  Well, I like to always challenge the conventional by having somewhat strange or unusual combinations maybe or techniques or just ingredients that are less commonly used. And I like to show them in a new light by just, you know, doing a delicious recipe that hopefully comes through in the instructions and in the photos.

Basically, that's the best I can do, and I think that that's always actually a huge mission of mine because I would make these things and tell people about how great they were, but without the evidence of like a photo or like the written recipe that you can wrap your head around, it doesn't go through, so this is really one of the reasons why I write my blog, is to showcase it.