Garren Katz on How Family Relationships Change With Age

In Chapter 9 of 15 in his 2012 Capture Your Flag interview, business and personal coach Garren Katz answers "How Are Your Family Relationships Changing As You Get Older?"  Katz is an only child that comes from a small family.  He notes how in his 20s his family was the centerpiece for holiday travel.  As Katz gets engaged, gets married and thinks about starting a family, he sees how he and the family he and his wife create will become more the centerpiece for family gatherings. 

Garren Katz is a business and personal coach based in State College, PA and advises his national client base on small business management, entrepreneurship, relationships, and personal finances.  He is also an active angel investor in several business ventures.  He earned his BA from Western Michigan University.