Jullien Gordon on How Dashboard Tool Improves Goal Planning and Achievement

In Chapter 12 of 14 of his 2010 Capture Your Flag interview, motivation teacher Jullien Gordon shares why creating a dashboard is helpful in managing success metrics contributing to goal planning and achievement. Gordon emphasizes dashboards to overcome pitfalls of adopting societal success - fame, money, power - or family success - parent suggestions - to personalize goals at the individual level. By choosing the right variables and monitoring them over time, Gordon pushes those he teaches to maximize their performance. Gordon holds an MBA and Masters in Education from Stanford University and a BA from UCLA.


Erik Michielsen:  Why do encourage people to create personal dashboards and why are they helpful?

Jullien Gordon: If you try to drive a car without a dashboard a lot of things can happen.  You can get a speeding ticket. You can run out of gas.  You can be overheating. So, I think if we don’t create our own dashboard for success, we just adopt society’s dashboard, which is wealth, fame, beauty, etc.  And so you can end up moving the needle on all those metrics and still be unfulfilled because it doesn’t align with your personal dashboard, and I think from generation to generation, especially the dashboards change drastically.  So, if you were living a life based on your parents’ dashboard of success, even though your parents want the best for you and they are the ones pushing you into a particular career path and certain decision, they want the best for you but they want the best for you based on their dashboard.  So, it’s important to define our own dashboard and our own metric of success and then live a life that moves those needles every single day.