How Being Assertive Builds Confidence - Conrad Doucette

In Chapter 19 of 19 in his 2012 Capture Your Flag interview, musician Conrad Doucette answers "Where Are You Becoming More Confident?"  Doucette notes how he is becoming more confident by asserting himself.  He notes how he is becoming more aware in his life and career and the experience that comes with it.  By being more aware, Doucette better knows when to assert himself and take action, which gives him confidence he can do it more regularly and in different aspects of his life.  It teaches Doucette to bring out the best in other people and to identify his own weak points and make them stronger.  As he sets future goals, including releasing and promoting a new Takka Takka album - AM Landscapes - and playing with musicians outside his band. 

Conrad Doucette is a Brooklyn musician and the drummer for Takka Takka, which released its 3rd studio album, AM Landscapes, in late 2012.  He has performed with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, The National, Alina Simone, and many other leading acts.  When not performing music, Doucette is the communications and brand director at music licensing and publishing startup Jingle Punks.  Doucette earned a BA in History from the University of Michigan.