Jullien Gordon: Evolving a Business Model to Make a Greater Impact

In Chapter 6 of 19 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, business coach and public speaker Jullien Gordon answers "How is Your Business Model Evolving as You Gain Experience?" Gordon shares how he has grown his business from its early roots doing workshops in his living room. Now speaking to colleges and corporations across the country, Gordon faces a new challenge: managing time capacity. He adapts his small business program strategy to be more online-driven. Through this he learns to ask himself difficult questions as he plans what comes next for his business.

Jullien Gordon is a business coach and consultant to organizations, individuals and teams who want to increase performance, motivation, engagement and retention. Gordon is also a public speaker on career planning for colleges, conferences, and corporations. He earned a BA from UCLA and MBA and M. Ed degrees from Stanford University.